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The Art of creating a Vinyasa sequence with Nataly

The Art of creating a Vinyasa sequence
26/2/16 Friday afternoon
The Art of creating a Vinyasa sequence is a workshop about the creativity and intricacy that goes into building a correct & beautiful Vinyasa sequence. We will break down a sequence like a puzzle to examine classical yoga Asanas (postures) and to study their correct alignment in order to infuse them into a grounding, smooth & uplifting Vinyasa sequence. We will thread the Asanas together by learning how to move from one inhale to an exhale, and from one posture to the other by touching upon principles of Prana & Apana, Dristi (gaze) as well as pose & counter balance pose.
 vinyasa EVENT
The Art of Vinyasa workshop is a fun opportunity for you to discover your inner creative self through precise physical yogic techniques. It will introduce you to tools that will deepen your personal practice.
Expect to sweat a lot and to sip lots on your luscious breath.
Duration 2 ½ hours with a 15 minute break in between.
The workshop will be followed by Tea and delicious snacks.
Nataly Levich is a Vinyasa yoga instructor and artist living in Tel Aviv. Nataly has been practicing since 2001 following the lineages of Kundalini & Vinyasa yoga. In 2008 Nataly completed her 200+ hour Vinyasa teachers training at Prana Mandir yoga school with her beloved teacher Lea Kraemer. Till 2010 Nataly taught Vinyasa yoga at Prana Mandir studio in New York. Since her return back to Israel five years ago Nataly has extensively taught at Hadass’s Weigel’s studio Kundalini Yoga Jerusalem. And now for over a year Nataly has been teaching the Vinyasa yoga classes at Kundalini Yoga Tel Aviv.
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