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Welcome to Kundalini Yoga Tel aviv Blog

We have created this blog for expressing different ideas by various writers on many yoga related topics. The contents of the blogs are only the personal views of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the point of view of KYTLV. 

Listen to your heart 

Last week I was talking to a friend who was telling me that she thinks she is depressed, she’s tired all the time, doesn’t feel like getting out of bed, and she has no drive to do anything…   Does that sound familiar?? The truth is that the more women I speak with between the age of


The Awakening of the Kundalini

Described as a serpent spiraling around our spine, the Kundalini is the energy of life. There are two interpretations to the spiritual term Kundalini: the literal meaning is ‘coil’, while the more figurative interpretation is ‘the trajectory path made by the latent energy, up through the base chakra, to the crown chakra.When this energy rises


Lila – Encountering Kundalini Yoga

People magazine KUNDALINI YOGA ISRAEL Encountering Kundalini Yoga by Lila (Lea Silberg) There are moments in your life when you take a turn and a path opens up before you. You know so deep in your heart that you have been presented with a gift. The gift is a key which you will use to


How Mantra Can Affect Us?

Whether consciously, intentionally, or neither – spiritual practices involve energy and frequency changes made possible by our choice of actions, words and thoughts. Mantra based meditation enables us to use a word, bearing a known frequency selected for us, in order to produce an energetic change in our body and soul, and to advance spiritual


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