105 Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv | 052-7085033

Reuven Gitter

Spiritual Name
NavJiwan Singh

Qualified to teach
Kundalini Yoga


School of Kundalini Yoga Chicago (Level 1 & 2 KRI – Kundalini Research Institute)

Class description
Kundalini Yoga


NavJiwan Singh, Dr. Reuven Gitter, RYT 200, was previously practicing orthodontics and was a professor at the Loyola University dental school.

He began practicing Kundalini yoga in 2010 for his own spiritual growth.

Reuven immersed himself in the spiritual path and has now completed Kundalini Research Institute’s Level II module of Authentic Relationship and practices Kundalini Yoga daily.

He travels around the world and exposes himself to many Kundalini Yoga communities. He regularly volunteers and serves in different communities in the US and Israel.

Reuven is dedicated to advancing Kundalini Yoga in Israel with KYTLV.