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Nataly Levich

Qualified to teach
Vinyasa Yoga

Prana Mandir NY, teacher training by Lea Kramer

Class description
Vinyasa Yoga

In 2001, Nataly Levich, at the age of 18 began her Yoga Journey in New York. She attended her first Kundalini Yoga Class taught by Lea Kramer at the Kundalini Yoga East Studio. From that moment on Nataly was hooked and she began to practice Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga regularly with Lea at the Prana Mandir Studio. The deep connection between student and teacher brought Nataly in 2008 to complete the teacher training at Prana Mandir. It was here that she was taught Ashtanga Yoga as the base with elements of Anusara. Together with this she studied the Yogic Philosophy through the Sutras of Patanjali.
Throughout she relentlessly practiced Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). Nataly taught for two years full time at Prana Mandir. She then returned to Israel where she continued to teach Vinyasa classes at Hadass Weigel’s studio Kundalini Yoga Jerusalem.
Nataly believes that through finding the balance in the opposites, we experience an inner balance and harmony which brings a deep understanding to our practice. Nataly’s Vinyasa classes are simultaneously dynamic and static. This gives the practitioner the opportunity to experience the dynamic element of the practice, the warming up and the time to hold the asana while the breath is supporting it, giving great physical pleasure together with inner joy, is the result.
Nataly is an exhibiting photographer and lives in Tel Aviv. You can see her works here at www.natalylevich.com

Yoga Teaching Experience
Prana Mandir NY and Kundalini Yoga Jerusalem.

Favorite quote:
“Life is a continuous vibration of up and down, and in this up and down, try to be neutral; be seated in your own spiritual integrity” (Yogi Bhajan)

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