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Lea Silberg

Spiritual Name


Qualified to teach

Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Vini Yoga


SKY – School of Kundalini Yoga UK, Teacher Training, (Level 1 & 2 KRI – Kundalini Research Institute)

Teacher Training with Shimon Ben Avi (Ashtangaand, Vinyasa)

Teacher Training with Mark Whitwell, Sandra Sabatini (Vini)

Class description
Kundalini Yoga


Lila is a late bloomer. In1995 at the age of 38she was introduced to Yoga. She immediately opened herself to experience and continues to learn from all styles of classic Yoga and the Philosophies of Spirit and Dharma. She met and studied with many Israeli and International teachers and decided to become a teacher herself. Lila qualified as an Ashtanga teacher with Shimon Ben Avi in 2006and immediately started teaching while continuing a constant self-enquiry process.

Nearly 11 years later, Lila was introduced to a Kundalini Yoga Meditation and it changed the direction of her life. Without ever doing a Kundalini Yoga class, Lila began teacher training. “It was like being in a spin cycle of a washing machine. It was both exhilarating and frightening to experience it all at once”. Kundalini Yoga encompassed all she had learnt and offered more.

Lila was born in Australia, has lived in South Africa and Paris. She has been living in Israel since 1980. Her second love besides Israel is India where she met her Teacher, Devi Vanamali and continues to travel there annually. Lila held the position of Head of the Kundalini Yoga Association in Israel from 2011till the end of 2013.She has taught at Prana Yoga Studio in Tel Aviv and Givataim as well as at Ella Yoga. She teaches Kundalini Yoga as a volunteer at the school for Autistic children in Rishon Lezion. She works part time as a content writer and is an experienced Interior designer, specializing in holistic design. She is the founder of Kundaliniway studio (2011-2014) and the cofounder of KYTLV.

Lila’s Philosophy

“Be brave enough to peel off the layers that prevent you from being you. Commit to spring clean from within every day.Being your authentic self will bring you happiness and give the world what it asks of you”.

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