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Keren Hellerstein-Abitan

Qualified to teach
Iyenger yoga, Yoga for Women

2010 Himalayan Iyenger Yoga Center – HIYC Dharamsala, India, Teacher Training
Teacher Training of Yoga for Women by Mira Artzi-Padan (developer of ‘Yoga for Women’ method in Israel)

Class description
Iyenger yoga

Keren Hellerstein-Abitan is a certified yoga teacher by Himalayan Iyenger yoga center according to ‘Sharat’ method, as well as a certified teacher for women’s yoga.
She has been practicing yoga for over a decade and a member of the yoga teachers’organization.
A student at the Body-Psychotherapy faculty, ‘Ridman’ Collage.
A filmmaker and a director.

Inspired by Yoga:
The body is the temple of the soul. Naturally when the body is stiff and painful, it’s hard to find peace of mind. Yoga applies first of all to the body and offers a way of life that can liberate the body from suffering.
For me yoga is healing, but not only for the body.
When the heart and the mind are one, a rear moment of unity with the soul appears, some might call it internal peace, calmness, clear mind or oneness with the divine. Others may not know how to define it in words, but will certainly know what they have experienced. Those moments inspire me to keep on exploring, deepening and following the path of yoga.

My yoga path:
I started my journey in the world of yoga in therapy yoga classes, after undergoing a back injury (2003). Yoga slowly penetrated into me from outside inwards. Along with the recovery of my body, I discovered that there is much more to yoga beyond the physical positions.
I continued to learn, deepen and practice yoga according to the method of BKS Iyengar.
For several years now I’m taking part of Tzipi Weiner’s therapeutic yoga classes, as a student and as an assistant.
The knowledge I’ve learned in yoga therapy is one of the most important gifts I received.

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