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Which subscription is best for me?

Trial Classes (Single use)


Entrance to KYTLV classes without restriction for a defined period of time. Duration of card will start from the date of purchase.

1 Month 

450 NIS

3 Months

1200 NIS

up to 3 payments

400 NIS per month

Class Cards or Gift Cards

Single Class

5 Class Card
(valid for 2 months)

350 NIS

70 NIS per class out of 5

10 Class Card
(valid for 4 months)

600 NIS

up to 2 payments

60 NIS per class out of 10

1 class

80 NIS

Private Class (upon prior appointment)


  • KYTLV has the right to change rates and discounts without prior notice.
  • Payment for classes and subscriptions are nonrefundable. Please read our policy as for classes and subscriptions transferability and extension terms (at “Policy & Terms of Use”).

FOR QUESTIONS, REGISTRATION or CONSULTATION, feel free to contact us 052-7085033 info@kytlv.co.il

*  Note:
if you intend to participate in 8 (or more) classes per month than no doubt that the best price offer for you is one of the FREE PASS MEMBERSHIP CARDS

KYTLV Free-Pass Membership Card is the most worthwhile!

For a committed Yogi that participates in 8 lessons or more a month it is super advantageous to purchase one of our free-pass membership cards. The longer the period you commit to, the less you pay per class and there are more advantages. Please check out the different kinds of subscriptions we offer (Monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually). See which one is the most suitable for your pocket! We shall be happy to assist in you making your decision.

In addition, KYTLV Free-Pass Membership Card holders will receive significant discounts on all workshops and events that we offer throughout the year. During the year KYTLV brings you many varied events, lectures and workshops related to yoga, yogic-lifestyle and Personal development. We invite other professional Israeli and International teachers trained in other Yoga methods as well. The KYTLV team invests in these extra activities as part of our vision which includes opening opportunities of continuous personal growth. We invite you to meet new teachers, to experience other methods and teachings that hold the same essential truth as in Kundalini yoga. The practice and human interaction in these events and workshops give us a similar experience of the training we receive in an Ashram.

KYTLV’s vision is to give high quality classes, keep you inspired and open to possibilities of personal development and empowerment.