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I-SKY and KYTLV TT Retreat at Desert Ashram 24th-27th January 2016

desert ashram retreat

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With all our love

The KYTLV team and I-SKY


The first time you join the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program you know its what you have been waiting for.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience Kundalini Yoga with a world renowned teacher, Darryl O’keeffe.


Beginning the 1st Teacher training course at KYTLV begins in the beautiful desert of Israel, far from the maddening crowds at the Desert Ashram, Shitim. Darryl O’Keefe from I-SKY in the UK will be leading us into the Kundalini Yoga Teacher training program. We invite you to partake in this RETREAT with us whether you intend to continue the teacher training or just want to see what it’s about. 4 days, full accommodation and meals, practising Kundalini Yoga with one of the most experienced teachers in this field. This is the basis of the teacher training program. It’s the real thing. You will learning about and experiencing this amazing technology. You may want to continue the course or not but we promise you are in for a treat…at the retreat. If you decide to continue teacher training than the whole sum will be deducted from the total fee. For returning teachers who want to touch base, take a break, reconnect to Kundalini technology and spent time with the community in this fabulous place in the desert . Register today.

“Now is the time and the time is now”
-Yogi Bhajan-



Words from Darryl

“More than just a taste of a proven spiritual technology, this is a transformational experience which will give you the tools to develop your own “Aquarian Sadhana” practice of yoga and meditation, together with the inspiration to find and radiate your true self.

 The retreat is also open to past students and current teachers via the affordable “KundaliniReconnect” service. Over two decades and across the world, our K1 courses have supported thousands students through a process of profound personal change. The changes are usually challenging, often subtle, sometimes dramatic and the biggest challenge has proven to be “keeping up” after the course ends. Managing beneficial changes in attitude and lifestyle whilst surrounded and supported by a group of people doing the same is a lot easier that doing it alone – or surrounded by people who may passively or actively discourage you.

If you need to recharge, touch base, or just reconnect with supportive people we will welcome you for a day or two and can also introduce you to “PSG” our ongoing post course support process”.



The cost for the 4 day retreat is 1850NIS/person. This will include classes, accommodation in a dormitory for 7 people (we have stayed there many times and its fun) and all meals. In the event that the participant wants to complete the teacher training the whole sum will be deducted from the total fee. Special discount for returning teachers: 1350NIS

As the Ashram has accommodation in this extraordinary open place in the desert you will be able to bring your family or friend to spend time there while you are doing the course.

Please contact the team for prices of rooms and meals.

Our group of committed teachers in training ask you to seriously consider joining Darryl O’keeffe from I-Sky UK, the KYTLV team and like-minded yogis on this path.

*If you are travelling by car please let us know as we may need your help in giving lifts to others and in transferring equipment to and from the studio.

ashram bamidbar


KYTLV 052 7085033

Hadass 050 4668272

Email: info@kytlv.co.il




White comfortable clothes for yoga practice
Under clothing (warm)
Comfortable warm Shoes
Flip flop
Lightweight rain jacket or umbrella
Warm coat
Sheets and extra blankets
Toiletries -soap deodorant creams shampoo pads etc
Hair drier if you need
Yoga mat
Pencil pens
Hair  ties and or cotton turbans
Water bottle
Alarm clock

Please take care with oils so that sheets in ashram will not get stained.

Ashram is vegetarian – Please do not bring in fish or meat in any form.

Please take care of your belongings – The ashram, KYTLV and I-sky are not responsible for loss of property.