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1. What is Yoga?

All forms of Yoga are aimed to raise awareness. Originating in India, Yoga is a technology which brings us to a state of improved health, coordination, flexibility and inner peace. Yoga means Union.

2. What is so special about Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a wonderful technology which balances the glandular and nervous systems in your body. It is fun and challenging and works really fast inconnecting you to your higher self. The practice includes asana (yogic postures), pranayam (breathing), singing and chanting with inspiring music. The only way to know it is to try it!

3. How often should I practice?

The more the better! We suggest that you start with twice a week, make it part of your weekly schedule (once you are hooked your schedule may change)

4. What classes should I take?

In KYTLV we have many daily classes to offer. We also have wonderful teachers who will welcome and guide you. We encourage you to try as many classes as you can during your trial month and go from there!

5. Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is definitely not a religion. It is non-denominational. Yoga has no intrinsic beliefs, worship or conceptions.

6. What is a kriya?

In Sanskrit Kriya means action. In each Kundalini Yoga class a different Kriya is taught. The Kriya (or set) is composed of a series of postures, breath and sound exercises that produce an exact effect on your body mind and spirit.

7. What is a Kundalini Community class?

Seva (selfless service) is part of the Kundalini Yogic Philosophy and originates in Sikh Dharma. At KYTLV we donate the space for teachers to give free classes for subscribers as well as non- subscribers on a donation basis. This way one and all can practice yoga.

8. I am shy to chant, do I have to?

Chanting is not singing! One does not have to have a great voice to enjoy and benefit from this practice. Most of Kundalini Yoga classes are practiced with closed eyes so no one except the teacher will see you. Just let go and go for it!

9. I am in my menstrual cycle, can I practice?

First of all please consult with the teacher whose class you are attending. There are postures and breathing exercises that can be adapted to one’s physical condition. You will receive guidance accordingly.

10. I am not flexible, can I do yoga?

First of all yes, everyone can do yoga. We all start somewhere. In Yoga we can use props to help you be as comfortable as possible. You will be surprised how fast flexibility improves with practice. Remember It’s not the goal that counts it’s only the journey and we at KYTLV are here to uplift and guide you.