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The Awakening of the Kundalini

Described as a serpent spiraling around our spine, the Kundalini is the energy of life. There are two interpretations to the spiritual term Kundalini: the literal meaning is ‘coil’, while the more figurative interpretation is ‘the trajectory path made by the latent energy, up through the base chakra, to the crown chakra.When this energy rises it becomes entwined with the energies of the Creator and the creation.

What do we do with Kundalini?
The Kundalini energy is described as a snake coiled around our spine – it’s dormant as long as we don’t “take responsibility” in our lives. Awaken it and become aware of it. Upon it’s awakening, it climbs the trail of seven chakras, up our back, to the crown chakra, where it’s released as high energy. On it’s way up, it systematically awakens our energetic centers and brings us to a state of increased vitality, of a sexuality more awakened (sexual energy is related to the Kundalini, as it is to the extent of our vitality) and a worldview that is much more present.

What is the difference between the Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga
The Kundalini energy, embodied in each and every one of us, can be awakened in many different ways. There are meditative movements which may arouse the Kundalini energy, as may yoga and all sort of meditations. Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is intended to arouse the Kundalini Energy and to guide it up.

How does it feel “to arouse” the Kundalini?
By connecting to our Kundalini energy inside of us, weawaken our Consciousnessandenergy centersone after the other.Weexperience the world with clearer and “cleaner” eyes and connect to our spiritually. Working with Kundalini energy allows us to be much more creative and clear, to connect to our authentic inner voice that guides us towards what’s right and good for us, as well as to create a sustainable change in the path we choose in this life. Working with the Kundalini energy strengthens our electromagnetic field (our aura), increases the activity of our immune system, enhances the functioning of our nervous system, and perhaps most importantly – opens our hearts and enables us to acknowledge our wonderful transience, our uniqueness and our immense power to lead our lives and to bring good to the world.

And the work never ends…
The spiritual work with the Kundalini energy, raises the levels of spirituality. We never actually complete it (it’s not like waking someone up “for real”…). Each time we haveanopportunity to work, connect and to consciously feel the unique energy of the Kundalini and its “ascending” – we shall feel more precision, more enlightenment, more adjustability, and receive more “gifts” in our lives.

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