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Listen to your heart 

Last week I was talking to a friend who was telling me that she thinks she is depressed, she’s tired all the time, doesn’t feel like getting out of bed, and she has no drive to do anything…   Does that sound familiar??
The truth is that the more women I speak with between the age of 37- 45 the more this story is familiar, (many women go through a mid life crisis around their forties while men have a similar breakdown round fifty)
I remember well when I felt exactly the same!
After giving birth to my third child at 37, I felt “down”, exhausted all the time, no energy, no drive,  sexual or any other… simple tasks seemed like moving mountains, I felt numb,  sort of like living on auto pilot. The situation didn’t get better, so I tried all sorts of treatments, physical and spiritual.  The general answer I received was, that just like a car that has a reserve gas tank for when you run out… my reserve tank was on empty!  I had to find a way of refilling ‘asap’, otherwise I was going to come to a full stop or become really ill!
So I said okay but what do I do now? and how?
I was told to do things that I like, things I enjoy, things that give energy as opposed to drain energy, I found myself asking questions:  Who am I? What do I like? What gives me pleasure? I was very surprised to find that I did not have the answers! I had always been a good girl, I always did as I was told, I was forever making sure that everyone around me was happy, and that their needs were taken care of first it was my parents and friends, then my partner and most of all my children. Work and housework always came first; these were obligations I had to fulfill before I could ask myself what I felt like doing, until a point there was no me!
It took another two years before Kundalini Yoga came into my life, I had been studying spiritual and personal awareness for many years and I am still on that path, daily becoming more aware of who I am.  I began practicing Kundalini Yoga once a week; slowly I started feeling much better. In between classes I would practice on my own trying to remember the exercises from the previous lesson. For the first time I could feel a shift in my energy. I started to feel I was in the right place at the right time, Kundalini Yoga gave me physical strength and balance , the mantras  opened my heart and made me happy,  the meditations cleared my incessant thoughts and worries.  For my 40th birthday present I participated in the first Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Israel.  This is when I started making time for me. At first, I knew what I did not want!  From there slowly I discovered what I do want, learning to listen to what my heart is saying.
For the last 8-9 years I have had the privilege of teaching Kundalini Yoga to many people and helping them listen to their heart,  strengthen their bodies and mind , I teach personal  and spiritual awareness,  how to heal yourself,  take charge of your thoughts and feelings,  and consciously create  your reality,  connecting to your inner potential and inner light.

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