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How Mantra Can Affect Us?

Whether consciously, intentionally, or neither – spiritual practices involve energy and frequency changes made possible by our choice of actions, words and thoughts. Mantra based meditation enables us to use a word, bearing a known frequency selected for us, in order to produce an energetic change in our body and soul, and to advance spiritual growth.
How does one choose a mantra? How do we practice mantra meditation? On that and more in the article below.

The origins of mantra
The usage of mantra as a means of spiritual growth originates in the Indian culture and Hinduism. The use of mantra is also customary in Buddhism, in various Eastern philosophies and practices, as well as in Judaism.

How does the mantra affect us?
The effectiveness of a mantra is not related to the meaning of the word we are using, but rather to its tone – its frequency. The sound of the spoken word creates an energetic response that affects our body and soul in a specific way. The energetic effect enabled by the mantra increases as we keep on repeating the mantra again and again. The repetition of the mantra changes the frequencies of our stream of consciousness, and allows new, more suitable waves, to cleanse us and transform us.

How do we choose a mantra?
Most mantras are borrowed from the Sanskrit language – an ancient Indian language. Mantras are selected according the resonance of its tones, and being suited personally to each meditator. A well known mantra is the “aum” mantra – when pronounced slowly while exhalation, this sound is said to be communicating with the crown chakra frequencies, opening on to connecting with the energies of creation.
In most cases, personal mantras are provided to meditators and practitioners by their spiritual teachers, versed in a pool of mantras, from which they specifically and intentionally choose.
Those of us who do not have a spiritual teacher, can work with the “Aum” (or “ong” for Kundalini Yoga practitioners) – the energy of creationmantra.

How do we practice mantra meditation?
In order to practice meditation through mantra, prepare a comfortable room for a quiet practice of at least 10 minutes. In the first stage of practice, it is recommended to simply repeat the mantra. The repetition of the mantra transforms the meditator’s perspective. We’ll repeat our mantra over and over again for about 5 minutes, while listening to ourselves repeating the mantra. It is important to vocalize the mantra while exhaling. In Kundalini yoga, it is customary to start with three minutes and work up to a two and a half hours duration. In the second stage of meditation we can imagine our mantra, or just think it (without chanting it out loud). In the third stage of meditation, we can sit quietly and try to explore the physical and mental states that we are experiencing while working with the mantra. Just sit quietly and let the “present” be all that we’re aware of. What’s happening in our body? Head? Stomach? What happens in our mind? What has changed in us since we started the meditation?

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