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About The Studio

About the STUDIO Kundalini Yoga Tel Aviv – KYTLV


KYTLV was founded with the intention of creating a “Body Mind and Spirit Awareness” community based on the principle that “Happiness is the birth right of every human being” (Yogi Bhajan).

KYTLV is committed to offering a range of inspiring Yoga and various spiritual teachings to enrich, encourage and motivate each student towards their full potential.

KYTLV is a sanctuary situated in this vibrant and bustling city of Tel Aviv. It is accessible by foot, public transport, bicycle or car. The Studio itself is an intimate and peaceful space in which you are invited to experience diverse practices that support each other. This presents the opportunity to you, the yogic practitioner, to deepen your practice and open your mind.


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KYTLV offers many daily yoga classes, specializing in Kundalini yoga and Vinyasa yoga for kundalini practitioners. We also offer other classes such as Meditation, Pranayam (breathing), as well as Woman and Pregnancy yoga classes. All these methods are taught in their original forms by highly experienced local and international teachers.

KYTLV is the first Kundalini Centre in Israel to offer daily Kundalini Yoga Classes.

As part of our aim of a “Body Mind and Spirit Awareness” community we invite you to join our Satsangs, lectures, special events and workshops (you can read more on the latter at “Workshops & Events”).

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We believe in giving back to the community and for this reason we also offer classes to the general public who are not subscribers of the studio but want to experience the wonders of kundalini yoga. In our experience children and the elderly easily connect to kundalini yoga and its music, and therefore we encourage you to enjoy theses community classes together. These classes are part of our schedule and we offer them on a “dana” basis.

We, at KYTLV, appreciate that at times people need personal guidance and so as part of our services we offer private lessons as well as consultations on an hourly basis upon prior appointment.

KYTLV understands that through the enjoyment of the practice in a nonjudgmental and containing environment, you as the practitioner can go through endless transformations in order to realize yourself as the gift you are to this world.

All our teachers are professional and dedicated. We came into Union “Yoga” from different walks of life and it is our common goal to share our knowledge and experience in order to empower others.